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Casa Masó in Girona

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The Casa Masó is the house of Rafael Masó i Valentí, one of the most famous Catalan architects of the early 20th century and a precursor of Noucentisme.

It is one of his most outstanding works and the only one of the picturesque Onyar houses in Girona that is open to the public. In fact, inside the house, the furniture and decoration from the Noucentista period are preserved, and visitors can enjoy unique views of the city.

Onyar houses
Onyar houses

The current building is the result of the union of the four houses acquired by the architect’s family between the mid-19th century and the early 20th century. Additionally, since 2006, the house has been owned by the Girona City Council and managed by the Rafael Masó Foundation. And since April 28, 2012, guided tours of the property have been offered.

It is located at number 29 Ballesteries Street in Girona, perfectly integrated into the urban fabric. It consists of a ground floor, three stories, and a terrace. On the facade of Ballesteries Street, you can see the influences of the Secessionist movement and the Baroque; above the balconies, there are circular pediments.

The facade facing the Onyar River features glass galleries and popular motifs made with decorative ceramics. Rafael Masó designed all the interior rooms and the staircase in a modernist style.

This architectural work is part of the Inventory of Architectural Heritage of Catalonia and was declared a cultural asset of national interest in 2023.

Visiting hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30 to 17:30. It is closed on Sundays and Mondays, as well as on local and national holidays. It is recommended to purchase tickets (in Catalan, Spanish, English, or French) in advance to choose the day and time. We encourage you to discover other places like this during your visit to Girona!

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